Tuesday, July 03, 2007


George came home with a big bag of yarn for me :-) Yeah for yarn! It's mostly crap, but it was free, and it's mine, so I'm totally OK with it! It came from a friend of his mother's who's mother-in-law passed away. I was sitting there knitting teacher's gifts on Father's Day & she asked if I wanted the yarn, since she has no clue what to do with it. Sure! There were 8 balls of sugar & cream cotton in a verigated yellow/orange color. Does anyone know anyone with a yellow/orange kitchen that needs some dishcloths??? LOL! I think that was the biggest prize in the bag. There was lots and lots of acrylic. Like, a huge black garbage bag full. There's an entire bag (10 skeins perhaps? No, 12, I just counted) of Caron simply soft in white. I heard a rumor that simply soft actually makes a nice Clapotis, so I'm thinking a Xmas gift for my Grandmother.... too bad I can't dye acrylic.... Pretty much everything she had was large quantaties of the same thing, so I can make some blankets, maybe something for NH. Squeaky acrylic is perfect for up there since it wont get attacked by bugs while the cabin in empty. And I can definitely use some of it to make toys for Devin & Georgie & my nephews. I was gunna make some baby blankets in Cotton, but since I now have a large quantity of acrylic baby yarn (with that sparkly thread running through it. WHY do people think this makes the yarn more babyish??? I don't get it!) it looks like project Linus may be getting some acrylic baby blankets. Maybe I can whip up a white balnket for Daniella's baby's christening or something. Too bad I can't remember how to crochet, I bet that woould burn through this new aquisition quicker!! If anyone has suggestions on what to do with this I'm totally open to hearing them!!

Onto a few pix:

What could be in that bag?

Yarn. Duh!

Sugar & Cream for dishcloths. What else can I make with this?

A gazillion balls of Lion Brand Jamie. Two bags are rainbow colors and one is yellow & white. Ya, and they're sparkly. The bag behind it is another brand of baby yarn in sparkley white:

12 balls of Caron Simply Soft:

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