Sunday, July 22, 2007

Catching up

I haven't been doing much new knitting... I'm trying to finish up all the random little things I have laying around over the summer, so in the fall I can work on the big things that I don't want to think about while it's so hot- like Juli's shawl & Gloria's shrug. I have about a billion dishcloths that I made recently, most of which will be gifted, and I have what WAS the beginning of a pair of socks that I'm turning into leg warmers for Devin. George asked that I make the kids Harry Potter scarves. Ummm.... let me think about that one... OF COURSE!!!! I want to place an order @ Webs for some superwash wool for the project. Knit Picks doesn't seem to have the Gryfandor colors in Swish superwash. Although they did put the new Fall line out & I haven't had a chance to look it over yet. Maybe I'll make Georgie a Gryfandor and Devin a Ravenclaw... Have to think about it before ordering. Bottom line though is that I don't want to start anything new until I have a few projects off the needles. And speaking of needles, I'm eyeing the DPN set on Knit Picks which I see that my sister just ordered. Let me know how you like them Juli! I'm a big fan of Clover Bamboos, but I do really like my Knit Picks options, so maybe I would like to Knit Picks DPNs too.

Georgie starts summer school tomorrow. I can't believe my 5-year-old has to go to summer school. He'll have the boy aross the street with him though, and he doesn't seem to mind the idea of going to school tomorrow, so I'm not gunna make a huge deal out of it.

I entered a contest through the Stash and Burn podcast, and I didn't win, but got an e-mail that they're sending everyone who got the correct answer a little gift :-) Juli got hers already, so I hope mine comes tomorrow! I love getting stuff (other than bills) in the mail!!! Juli has been on a kick that we're gunna do our own podcast, along with Gloria. She's got segments worked out, I named us, now we need to work out the logistics of podcasting from different states! I bet we would be able to do a decent pod cast!

And speaking of Gloria, there was a fire in her apartment building last week. Several fire fighters went to the hossy for smoke inhalation, but other than that there were no injuries. She's out of the apartment for a few months while they do repairs, and she needs some new furnature and whatnot... all her clothing needs to be dry cleaned... and she LOST HER STASH!!!! GASP!!!! Now, it's wasn't the world's most impressive stash, but it was a stash none the less... and what do you want to do most when you're stessed out and have to stay at your parents house?? Knit, of course. So, she came over and took a ton of yarn from the craptastic garbage bag of doom, needles and a back issue Knit Simple magazine with a log cabin blanket pattern in it. I just told her to be careful with the blanket when she's done with it, b/c since it's acrylic it may melt to her if it's ever in a fire :-X I think the deal worked out well for everyone. I unloaded a boatload of craptacular yarn, Gloria got a project to work on, and I brought most of what was left in the bag to a drop box, so George is thrilled that we no longer have a ginormous bag of yarn in our living room. The way I see it, being that I destashed like 80 skeins of yarn right there that I should totally be able to buy whatever I want at Reinbeck :-D Juli will be coming with us this year, so I'm pretty sure spending will be completely out of control, but I'm OK with it!

G & I spent the day on the boat today- he worked (installed the radio) while I started re-reading HP: The Order of the Phoenix. We got HP7 yesterday, but G is reading it first since I can't keep a secret, so I'm re-reading the last two in the mean time. I can't wait to read the new one! All the buzz I hear has been that it's great. I found HP inspired sock patterns (Bellatrix, Fawkes, and Nagini a few minutes ago, with the help of Ravelry. I love that site!! Maybe once I get a few projects off the needles I'll cast on for some socks.

OK, I feel like I'm still on the boat, and I'm getting dizzy, so that's it from me for now. Bad Blogger, I have no pix today.

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gloria said...

thanks for helping out a knitter in need!
I can't wait to start our podcast/blog, juli says she's still working on it.
And Rhinback would be a great place for me to re-stash, you guys can help me become a yarn snob!