Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Goals for today

Since I'm home with Lil G all day (may go in for a few appointments later, but pretty much home all day) I may as well set some goals for myself.

* I WILL get at least half of the laundry folded and put away. Laundry & I are *worstest enemies* as Georgie would say!

* I will phtograph some of my WIPs so I can eventually put them on Ravelry (Me? Obsessed? What makes you think that??).

* I will vacuume the first floor.

* I will get the dining room table crap organized and throw out what I can bear to part with.

George's parents want to take the kids for the weekend. I think they're going out to the Hamptons, but I'm not sure. This means they will miss pratice on Saturday, but it's summer, they should be out having fun!! Hopefully G & I will be able to go see a movie & spend some time on the boat while we're child free.

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