Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bloggity Blog

Time for another update, huh?

OK, so my secret projects were a TON of dishcloths!! I had two showers to go to & I made each bride a set of knit dish cloths and a set of coasters & trivets with pictures of their favorite flowers, sunflowers and calla lillies, which are also the flowers they're using in their weddings :-) You may recognize one of the sunflower pix from a post last year :-) The Calla Lillies were purchased special for the *Coaster photo shoot*, but the sunflower pix I had already taken. The coasters are just two pieces of glass with a picture between them sealed with copper tape.

Also completed are my Hubba Hubba Sox, AKA, George's socks. He's been wearing and washing them, but I just stuck them on my feet & took a pic just now. I think they're looking good :-) Behold the matchity match-ness of the stripes!!! That took Mad Skillz!!! OK, ok, so all I did was make a note of where in the color repeat I cast on the first stitch for the first sock & cast on my second sock in the same spot.... At leat give me credit for having the forethought to do that much!! LOL! They clearly don't fit my feet, but fit G's perfectly. He's already asking for another pair. Yeah!! I'm so glad he likes them!

And remember that yarn I dyed that looked suspiciously like vomit? Well, it turns out that I really like how it knits up! Even the speckles that I was so upset about add interest and depth to the knitted fabric :-) Hey, that's my story & I'm sticking to it! These are River Rapids Socks for a co-worked that helped me catch up on my work when I was having a complete and total breakdown. I'm almost through the leg on the 2nd sock. I'll definitely have enough yarn left over for another pair of socks.... It's a good thing I like the yarn now!

And last but not least.... Spinning!!!! I finished a skein of Alpaca (the stuff Juli got me for Christmas): 300 yard of lace weight that I'm pretty sure will be a Branching Out, but I can't say for sure. I am quite proud of this! Way more than I should be I'm sure! I'll be taking my first spinning class on Saturday, so hopfully I'll just get better from here :-)