Thursday, July 12, 2007


I'm WAY too addicted to Ravelry. It's so freaking fun!! There are a lot of projects that I didn't take pix of before I gifted them, so I'm SOL for that, but I'm going through my old pix to see what I can find. For the most part I wont be putting up projects that I have no chance of finding pix for.

So, my New Hampshire Stash Additions..... First off, on the way to NH we went to WEBS. Yeah!!!! It's a good thing I don't live too close, otherwise I would be broker than I already am!! I was being relatively good while I was there: I picked out two different sets of purse handles and some Valley Yarns Berkshire Bulky to make felted purses with and a pattern book from Filatura Di Crosa (I'm itching to make the sideways knit cardi). I was on my way up to the register when I ran into a staff member who asked if I was finding everything, we chatted for a bit, she asked me if I was in the warehouse. I said *The what?* and that's when it was all over!! I wound up with what I hope is a sweater's worth of cotton to make the cardi and a whole bunch of other cotton to make washcloths. I'm really into the Ball Band dishcloth. It's such a cute pattern. Next yarn store was an accident. We went to New England Fabrics so Mom could get some fabric to make pillows and I discovered a ton of Lopi. Georgie picked out some Cammo yarn to make him a vest with and Orange yarn to trim it with. Then we went to the Fiber Studio, where I got two big hanks of superwash merino that I plan on dyeing for Juli to make socks with (after I place another order from Dharma), and Georgie picked out some roving for me to spin to make him a new Rattle Snake scarf (his is lost- *SOB*). And that's it. I was pretty proud of myself that I didn't get more! I REALLY have to start using my stash though, b/c it's totally getting out of hand. I have to admit that I can't resist it when Georgie requests that I make him things. I think it's SO cute.

We're having some issues with Camp scaring the sh*t out of the kids with their dooms day preaching (what should I have expected from a church camp?? It was what we could afford though) so G talked to them this morning. We'll see what happens. Georgie is literaly having nightmares that a ball of fire is gunna crash into the Earth & we're all gunna die :-X Just what I wanted out of summer vacation :-(

K, time to get a move on.

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