Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Rambling on....

George & I moved the boat this weekend. Yeah! Now it's only a short drive to the harbor to go out on it. We have to row out to the mooring in an inflatable little thing for now, but we plan on upgrading soon! This is the boat at the mooring:

And another picture. These two were taken from the row boat. And this is an aweful picture I took of G & myself on the boat:Devin & Aunt Buli in their tie dye:
And I was wearing mine too!

This picture is proof that I need to go back to WW :-X Yikes!

Lil Man started football & Devin started cheering over the weekend. They seemed to have fun :-) Georgie like the equiptment more than the actual playing, but that's ok! Tonight would have been the second practice, but Lil Man was sick. I THOUGHT he had poison ivy, but when he came home from camp with a 104 fever I call the doc & they said to bring him in ASAP. The doc thinks that the rash is hives (which he has a history of getting) and that it's a reaction to a virus. She said to give him Motrin & Benedryl (which I had already done) and bring him back in on Thurs if he still has a high fever. I'll be staying home w/ him tomorrow, but on Thurs I have things I can't miss, so I need to find a sitter. This is why Mom should quit her job & babysit the kids full time!!! Hopefully Devin wont get this next...

Lil G also starts the Summer Literacy Program on Monday. The bus picks him up at 8:20, so I can put him on the bus in the morning, then he'll be bussed to camp at 12:00. I spoke with them today & they'll get him off the bus- which means I don't have to make sure I'm in Huntington for my lunch breaks! Whew!

Hmmmm...... I think that's all I have for now. I'm totally addicted to Ravelry still & not getting much knitting done because of it. And the knitting I DO get done is little dishcloths that I don't want to bother posting on Ravelry. Most often I just get lost looking at other people's projects!

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