Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Spinning video- take two

Spinning video

So, Juli & I made a video this morning, filmed by Devin :-) It's for the HHHH swap, and it's a contest to win 4oz of BEAUTIFUL fiber. You earn points for certain things, so we tried to put together as many points as we could! Here's the video:

Hopefully that works! Juli would like it pointed out that she is 34 weeks pregnant. She thinks she looks aweful, but she just looks pregnant! We're actually going to the Doc this afternoon to take a peek inside that belly. The kids and I are excited to take a look at little Kaylee B before she's born!

Also, to give credit where credit is due, the fiber I'm spinning is from Material Whirled and is a Roving Cluster. Basically it's strips of different colored fiber that I tore in helf then stripped into quarters. I then put them in a big bag that was behind my back while I spun the single. I reached back when I finished one strip and randomly grabbed another color to spin. Not sure what I'll do with the yarn when it's all spun up. Perhaps a give away if we ever podcast again?? The Hippie Goddess yarn is also from Material Whirled and was a batt. YUMMY to spin!! Seriously, my favorite yarn that I've spun! Also in the stash basket was some fiber from My Favorite Thing Etsy shop which is Meghan from the Stitch It! Podcast. The fiber Juli was spinning was purchased at a random craft fair or something when she lived in Virginia, she doesn't even know what kind of fiber it is. And the fiber for my hat was purchased from a random vendor at Rhinebeck two years ago.

And I think that's all the info you need.

Happy knitting & Spinning :-)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sweater: DONE :-)

I finished the February Baby Sweater for my co-workers daughter. It's modeled here by Devin's My Twin doll. The baby it was made for is currently weighing in at slightly over 3 pounds, so it will be a little while before she actually fits into it.

I went with just three buttons on the top instead of doing them all the way down the front. I like the way it looks kinda open & swingey

And just for fun- my handspun and fiber stash. After taking the pic I realized that I had left things out, but this is most of it. I hardly have any fiber!!!!! Must. Buy. More.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


I hurt my back and my neck. I think it's b/c of all the crap I carry around with me every day! On most days when I go into the office I have at least three bags with me: my laptop case, my purse and a third bag for random crap. Right now I'm putting together a quilt for a co-worker's newborn that I'm having everyone color a square for (it's a crayon quilt- see my very first post for an example) so I'm carrying a bag with all the crayons and quilt squares and whatnot. Then I also have a cup of coffee and usually my breakfast or lunch, depending when I go into the office. I think doing this for the past year and a half has killed my back and neck. I couldn't sleep at all last night :-( I took some Advil last night, but I could really go for a muscle relaxer. I think it's time to call my doctor.....

Anyway.... I sent my Little Critter package out:

It's just a little bunny, inspired by the bunnies that are all over my neighborhood all of a sudden. The yarn I used was a 100% aplaca that was handspun, but not by me! I had a bunch of yarn left over, so instead of just putting the goodies in the package I decided to make a magic yarn ball. Inside that ball of yarn are bunny buttons, a set of stich markers that I made, a row counter, a little sweater key chain, and I can't remember what else..... Oh, point protectors.... and that may be it. I hope my partner likes her package!! I mailed it out on the 9th & it needs to make it's way to Canada, so this could take a few more days.

I also ordered my fiber for the HHHH swap, and got myself some fiber while I was at it!! I've been eyeing the Hippie Goddess batt from Material Whirled so I finally caved and got it :-) I've never spun from a batt before, should be interesting. When it gets here I'll figure out how I want the colors to work & how I'll approach spinning it. I also got myself roving in the same colorway. I've been stalking Etsy shops lately for fiber & there is SOOOO much I want to try out! I think my knitting interest is fading and the spinning is taking over. I need to find a balance so I can USE the yarns I'm spinning!! I did start a scarf for Lil G with the Dinosaur yarn I spun from Spunky Eclectic so when there is progress on that I'll post a pic.

So, update on my co-worker that a new Daddy..... His wife was due on September 16 or something like that. A month ago her water broke and she was admitted to the hospital. They were able to get some steroids and antibiotics into her, and everyone was keeping thier fingers crossed that she would be able to stay pregnant long enough for some of the meds to work. She was able to stay pregnant for a MONTH!!!! The baby was just born on Thursday (7/10)!! She weighs 2 pounds 9 ounces and is 17 3/4 inches long. Both Mama and baby are doing great. The baby is in an isolette and from what I understand is on oxygen and a tube through the umbilical cord, and other than that no other interventions! I saw pictures of her yesterday, and she looks great. I'm so happy for them!!! I'm making the quilt as an office gift to them, and I'm also giving them a Baby Suprise jacket from me. I think I'll also knit up a few hats really quick for them to use in the hospital.

OK, time to get my day started. I haven't even had my coffee yet!!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I *heart* swaps

So, I participated in a Secret Pal swap and it didn't go so well, so I was kinda turned off to swaps.... Then Meghan from the Stitch It podcast had a "Little Critter Swap" and I decided- what the heck? and joined. It was fun! And I had a great swap partner that not only sent ME a little critter, but also thought of my KIDS! WooHoo!!! Of course I haven't mailed out MY package yet, but I have until tomorrow, so I'm not breaking the rules yet!!! I'll be in the ofice tomorrow & I work next to the Post Office, so I'm mailing it tomorrow :-)

This is the package I received in the mail:

Next, I joined the HHHH swap- it's a swap for spinners, becuase there's NO WAY another spinner is gunna screw me, right? Right! B/c my partner already contacted me!! Yeah!!! Definitely have a good feeling about this one :-) I'm a little nervous about spinning for someone else b/c I don't have mad spinning skillz, but I think it's gunna be fun!

So, HHHH Swap Partner.... I can't reply to the comment you left on my last post b/c it's Annon, so to answer you questions- If given the option I would pick an art yarn b/c I covet art yarns & don't know how to spin them, nor can I afford them when I'm trolling Etsy! LOL! As for the silk.... Would it be dyed by you? If so then I would definitely prefer dyed, otherwise it doesn't matter.
And speaking of spinning... here are my two latest skeins:
This is the June Club fiber for Spunky Eclectic, called Flowering Weeds and it's a Merino Mohair blend. this is about 1.5oz and I got 159 yards of a thick & thin single. I have another bobin of a more even single & another 3oz waiting to be spun:

This is also a Spunky fiber- Superwash Merino/Tencel in Mermaid. It was a test skein- approx 93 yards fingering weight navajo plyed. I still have the majority of the fiber left to spin & I'm hoping to get enough for socks or a lacey scarf.