Thursday, October 04, 2007

Why you should swatch- and a bag

This is a little swatch of the yarn I spun with the soy silk Juli sent me. It took me a bit to get used to the fiber, so that's why there are lumps and bumps, but I really don't mind them. I'm not so sure about how the colors blended when I plied the yarn though. I think I may try to ply it so it kinda self-stripes (although I don't think the color repeats are actually long enough to STRIPE, but at least I can try to ply blue with blue, purple with purple, etc...). I have to admit that this is growing on me, but I'm still kinda unsure. I'm glad I swatched before I spun the entire batch of fiber b/c I would have been upset if this is what I got w/o being prepared for it to look this way. This is a fuzzy pic, but it's w/o the flash & the color is a bit more accuarate- at least on my screen. This is SOOOOOOO soft and squishy & cuddly and is just BEGGING the be knit into a scarf and hat! I carried it around in my purse all day at work yesterday so I could take it out & think about how I want to spin the rest of it!

And progress on the bag I'm knitting:
I have to finish binding off the pocket, knit the inside pocket & knit the I-cord handles. Should be done & felted tonight & ready for use by Mom this weekend :-D This is the XL Bowling Bag & the Pattern is sold by She-Knits (link in the previous post).

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Julianne said...

Why don't you just spin a single?

You're doing that bag pretty quick!