Tuesday, October 23, 2007

More on Rhinebeck; and Gma

A little more on Rhinebeck...
So, we went on Saturday only. Mom, Juli & Gloria picked me up at like 8ish, maybe a bit after, so we knew we would be getting up there later than we wanted, but so be it. We got there at around 11 and hit a few barns before going to the Blogger Bingo/Ravelry meet-up at 12. We were actually a bit late for that, but lots of people were still there. I found a few squares on my card & a few people we ran into had Juli or me on their cards. It was fun to talk to everyone, even if we didn't get Bingo out of it! After the meet-up it was serious shopping time! They had told me the night before that I was getting a wheel for my B-day, so I was off to test drive a few! I wanted an Ashford, so I tried a few & decided I liked the Joy for several reasons. One of which being that it's totally portable, so if I ever make it to the LI Spinner Guild I can take my wheel!! Yeah!!! So, while I'm at this booth testing out the Joy who walks up behind me to chat with the shop owner but the Yarn Harlot herself!!! It was pretty funny b/c my sisters and I had just been talking about her & how my daughter really likes the book I have (Meditations for Women who Knit too Much) and how she asked me if I can pass it on to her, then she can pass it on to her daughter when she has one. She wants this silly little paperback book to be a family heirloom! LOL! We didn't say anything to her (It was just Gloria & I) but we did go find Juli to let her know we saw someone famous! So, Mom comes back to the booth with us & she buys me the wheel and a pound of BFL to spin on it!!!!! Yeah!!!!!! We leave it at the booth to pick up later. Other purchases made were a pattern for a really cute hat for Devin, I'll post a link when I find one, a Spin-Off magazine, a pound of supersoft Merino to spin, two ginormous hanks of undyed superwash sock yarn and several colors of Jacquard dyes. It was a GOOD day :-)

Later in the day when we were all together we were waiting on line to get a drink & I'm snapping pix of Juli, Gloria & my Mom. I turn around to put my camera away & Stephanie the Yarn Harlot is standing there behind me! I swear at this point it was clear she was stalking me! LOL! We said hi. She asked how our Blogger Bingo was going. We told her how Devin wants her book to be a family heirloom. We asked her how her shopping was going. And that was it. I didn't want to shove my camera in her face & snap a pic b/c she was shopping & not doing a book signing today. I thought it would be a bit rude to make her pose for pix while she was trying to shop!

Here are a few more pix:
Juli, Gloria and Mom. Have I mentioned yet that i dyed Juli's shirt? Well, I did :-)
My new wheel :-))))) Yeah!!!!! Those bags have the fiber that I will eventually spin on it.
Gloria, all shopped out:
Juli at the end of the day:
Crochet Mama driving home:
Mom saw someone making a crochet bag that she liked, so was on the hunt for the book the pattern was it, but wasn't able to find it. Juli got some great stuff, check out her blog for details. Gloria only got a kit from Morehouse.

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