Monday, October 22, 2007

Rhinebeck Pix

Here are a few pictures. Actual text will follow eventually :-)

Self portrait: Gloria, Mom, Valerie & Juli (aka: Knit Sibs and Crochet Mama! LOL!)

Gloria waiting for a drink. Three seconds later we saw Stephanie the Yarn Harlot. No pic of her b/c she was shopping, not signing, so I didn't want to invade her private time. We did chat with her for a few seconds. More on that next time. Juli, Gloria & Mom at the end of the day. We were tired & ready to go home!
Juli, me & Gloria
Mom & Juli checking out Border Collie Rescue stuff
And finally... me spinning on my new wheel at Mom's house!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!! I tested out a few wheels, and wound up with the Ashford Joy. I wanted an Ashford, they're small, I like the look of them, they're the most reasonable priced wheels I've seen.... I tested out the Joy, Kiwi, Traveler and Traditional. I decided the Joy would be best b/c it's fold-up and portable & I liked the way it felt when I was spinning on it. When I have a craft room I can get a bigger wheel, but this is PERFECT for now!!!!! Squee!!!!!!

More info, and maybe even a few more pix, to follow later in the day. We should be doing a Rhinebeck podcast in the next few days too.


Julianne said...

What a lovely bunch of ladies!!

Kiwi Jo said...

Great pics Valerie - you all look like you had a wonderful time and I'm looking forward to your next podcast. I am SOOOOO jealous of your new spinning wheel. I want an Ashford too (I'm a New Zealander so a little biased towards the Ashfords). BTW, you look like a pro already.