Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Worst Thing I Ever Knit

For a SP11 Contest I'm supposed to post about the worst thing I ever knit. This was a hard one. There were some pretty craptacular projects I did when I first started knitting. After thinking long and hard about it I decided that this shawl was the worst thing I ever knit. I think it was the first project I made after plain garter stitch scarves. When you see it from this distance it doesn't look THAT bad: But then when you catch site of this corner you see all the ends sticking out. I had no clue how to weave in ends.

And on this corner too. And the yarn didn't hold up at all:
This is a pattern that I got off the Lion Brand web site & I used Lion Brand Homespun. I LOVED this yarn when I first started knitting & made like a gazillion scarves with it. This was clearly before I became a yarn snob! Soon I realized that the yarn grows substantially with wear. And it pretty much shreads. I did wear this maybe twice before the ends popped out & it grew exponentially in size. Then I let my son use it as a throw blanket for a while, b/c really, what little boy doesn't need a lace blanket? This now lives in a box in the corner of my closet and rarely sees the light of day. Georgie seemed to like it when I took it out for the photo shoot and insisted on having his picture taken with the hideous shawl!

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gloria said...

I'll tell you what kind of little boy needs a lacy blanket!!!
Better yet, I'll let you figure it out on your own... we'll still love him just as much as we always did