Thursday, September 20, 2007


I didn't get to finish before, so some more details from this weekend....

So, Dad gets the call & calls his sister, who had headed home to Arizona that afternoon after visiting the nursing home. She was on the ground for an hour when she got the call from Dad. Her cell phone had died, so finding her took some leg work. He also called his brother who had also been to te Nursing Home that afternoon. Then my other sister & brother were called & I called G to let him know. Everyone came in by Tuesday morning & the wake was that night with the service on Wednesday, then we all headed back home. It was pretty chaotic with NINE of us staying in the cabin, but it was nice to spend some time with the family. We saw my cousin & his wife, who we haven't seen for over ten years, another cousin who we rarely see, my Aunt & Uncle who we see once every few years and even met some of my Dad's cousins who we've never met before. One is a knitter with a farm!!! Who knew!! LOL! I'm glad the kids have been able to get to know my Gpa over the past few years. They really enjoyed spending time in his garden picking peaches, blueberries and corn & digging up potatoes and carrots. Maybe some of that gardening skill will be passed on to them.

Oh, and we got a nice family photo since we were all dressed up:

We were so unprepared for a funeral. We had packed only two days worth clothing, so Mom, Glor & I went shopping for something to wear and G had to pack for the kids himself (gasp!!) We actualy had a really hard time finding something appropriate to wear & went to several stores before finding something. Then G got up with the kids & found that he forgot to pack some things, so it was off to the store again. George forgot Lil G's Adderall, which was of GREAT concern to everyone, but he made it through just fine. (whew).
Quite a bit of knitting was done my myself and my sisters over the weekend. Lil G took pix of us knitting, so I'll post them some time later. I completed two projects that I'll also post about later. Also got some yarn shopping in while we were waiting for the pix to be ready to pick up.
It was really intersting to spend time in Gpa's house and go through all his old documents and pictures. My Grandparents were a really good looking couple!
More to come later. G just got back with dinner....

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Julianne said...

You finished 2 projects up there? How did I miss that? I just saw the scarf.