Thursday, September 20, 2007


Well, I went up to NH this past weekend with my Mom & sister, Gloria to visit my Gpa. My Dad was already up there. We were told during the week that the Doctors thought he only had about a week left. We drove up Friday night & got in sometime after midnight. Saturday we went to see Gpa in the nursing home, where he was admitted several days earlier. He clearly didn't want to be there, but he really needed to be. When we left we told him we would be back later in the day or that night. After visiting Gloria & I went to the library and ordered some pictures on Snapfish to bring up to him. We had them printed at the local Walgreens so that we could bring them up that day. So later in the day the pictures get picked up & we buy some frames to put them in. We went to dinner then the 4 of us went back to the nursing home. Gpa was getting ready to take a nap, so a nurse came to help him get into bed. We said good night, let him know we would be back in the morning & went to the cabin. Two hours later my Dad got the call from the nursing home that Gpa passed away.

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