Sunday, September 17, 2006

Then the knitting

Just two *active* projects on the sticks:

I joined a Monthly Dishcloth Knitalong This is the September Mid-Month *Suprise*. It's my first KAL. I'm a dork- I'm excited! LOL! This is my progress so far after doing the lines for *Day 2*. Hopefully this is looking the way it's supposed to! It's pretty cool so far- I like it :-)

Not sure what I'll do with the finished cloth, as I can't immagine actually using it for DISHES!! Maybe as a washcloth though. Hmmm..... Gifts???

And this is my progress on Charlie's blanket:

Following the pattern I should be finishing the boat panel I'm working on, then sewing them together & adding the boarder, but being that I'm using a smaller gauge then the pattern called for I'm contemplating adding another cable & boat panel. We'll see.... When I'm finished with this panel (one more boat to go!!) I'll sew them together & see how wide it is when it's laying flat instead of all curled up. I LOVE this pattern!!!

OK, time to get in the shower & get this dump cleaned up.


~s_knits~ said...

Hey! Your KAL looks great!! I'm pretty excited about this one as its Andi's own creation!

monique said...

I also just joined the monthly dishcloth knitalong, and I love it!
It's my second kal, I also didi the oakleaf dishcloth. I absolutely love this one.Mine just looks like yours.
I like your blog!