Thursday, September 14, 2006

Back to knitting....

I've found my next project:
Pedicure Socks

That is... my next project after I finish the *next* projects that I already have planned! I think the Pedicure Socks will make great gifts, and I just watched an episode of Knitty Gritty on making socks & said *Hey, I think I can do that!* I've been rather intimidated by socks, but after knitting the cuffs (which I adore- MUST make a pair for myself!) on DPNs I don't think I need to fear the socks any longer. And, of course, Juli is knitting socks so I have to learn how to also!!

In progress: Blanket for my Nephew-Due-Any-Day, Charlie :-) Yeah for new nephews!!! I'm working on the last panel, then it needs to be sewn together & the boarder needs to be knit. Hopefully it will be finished somewhere around the time he's born.

On the needles, but on hold: Feather & Fan lace scarf for my Gma. The aweful lace yarn incident still needs to be posted about. Lets just say though that from now on I will be storing my lace yarn in a SEALED bag every evening b/c the cat can really do some damage to it if she gets in the knitting bag :-S On the bright side though, the scarf didn't come off the needle & I got to experiment with spit-splicing.

Projects on my To Do List: Button hole bag for Devin's teacher, Lacey scarf for Georgie's teacher, Pillow cases for Juli that were supposed to be LAST year's Xmas gift (oops, sorry!!), Bib for my nephew-to-be for Xmas- Oh, or I saw the CUTEST Xmas hats somewhere.... Have to find the pattern & maybe I'll make that instead, Something for my 2-year-old nephew for Xmas, Cammo hat & mittens for Georgie, Pink Cammo (does anyone MAKE Pink Cammo???) Hat & Mittens for Devin, Fingerless gloves for George, Clapotis for me, and various other Xmas knitting, including washcloths and other little things that I want to get a jump on. I tend to set my goals a little higher than are actually attainable, then I get all stressed out. There are a ton of other things that I have planned too, but I'm going to work on the holiday stuff first then get to the other things. I also want to see how much I can knit out of my stash to make room for all the yummy yarns I plan on getting in October at the Festivals :-D

In non-knitting news- School is going good for the kids. Devin says 1st grade is much harder than Kindy & she thinks every day is a *bad day* since she has to work so hard :-( Poor Kid. She's doing great though & her teacher loves her. She said Devin is her right hand man (woman?) b/c she gets her work done so fast then is super helpful with the other kids & running things to the officec & whatnot. Georgie, who I was a bit concerned about, is doing great. He can write his name now!!!!!! Yeah!!!!! Only took til Kindy, but at least he's doing it! We praise everything he brings home, so he's all excited now to show us his school work at the end of the day :-) He's having some issues though with his behavior at home. His buddy, Joseph, who's at the bus stop with the kids, seems to have a bit of a crush on Devin & gets angry at Georgie when he's arguing with her. Georgie is upset b/c he thinks Joseph hates him & doesn't want to be his friend anymore, so he's acting out tword Devin at home. He actually BIT her today & left teeth marks! Yikes!!! We're trying to get him to understand that Joseph likes BOTH of them & doesn't want either of them to be mean to the other. I guess I see one conflict that will come into play when they get older: dating each other's friends! LOL!

OK, I think that' s it for tonight.

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