Sunday, September 17, 2006

First the kids...

Devin cheered for a game last night. Her team won. Yeah :-)
She got this dog mask at Michael's yesterday & wore it to the game- It was so cute!
Georgie wore his rain boots & stomped in a puddle for a while. Hey, it kept him busy, so whatever. Then he ran around the baseball field like a maniac til he was exhausted. He was FILTHY by the time we got home!! (oh, and his shirt say *I'm definitely up to something*- SOOOOO fitting for my little man!!)
Devin & her team are so cute cheering!! I love it! See my Vera Bradley Knitting bag on the blanket??? LOL! That thing goes with me EVERYWHERE. I was apparently delusional in thinking I would get some knitting done at the game. I did get to flip through the new Interweave Knits mag, so that was nice :-) I like a few sweaters in there, but garments are just not my friend! I hate making things where gauge is important. This morning the kids decided to talk about fire safely & had some practice fire drills. They decided that in the event of a fire they would take their most prized posessions- Devin took Cola & Georgie took his nasty old raggedy pillow. George & I are in charge of the bird.

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