Saturday, September 02, 2006

Long overdue update

Well, after two months I'm back for an update! The next time we went up to NH I found this little treasure waiting for me on the kitchen table:
It's a wool/ silk blend that transformed into this scarf:
OK, so that's a close-up, but you can get the idea. And here's a picture of the kids & I: Taken by me since we were up there all week before George joined us for the weekend.

I finished this blanket while I was up there too. It was for Miss Elora Jade, who has since joined her sister in Heaven. I have some things for Elora that were made by my sister & the women in her knitting group that I'll be donating to charity in Elora's name.
Some of Jayme's friends have put together things to raise $$ for the family- you can read about it on her blog.

Ok, that's it for now.....

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