Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Two kinds of progress- mine & Devin's. My progress on Day #4 of the Dishcloth KAL... Glaring mistakes & all. I refuse to frog to correct them- it's a dishcloth & it's not like it's a gift or anything, so I'll live with the mistakes!

I'm not sure why Blogger is insisting on rotating this picture, but here ya go:

Devin's progress is on a plant she grew from a seed in her Kindy class last year. They wrapped beans in wet napkins & taped them to the classroom window in ziplock bags. At the end of the year she brought home sprouting beans, which we transplanted into cups, then a pot when they got too big. She's been enjoying the beans from the plant over the summer- even more so b/c *she* gre them :-) She's so cute!! We just e-mailed the pix to her teacher from last year.

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