Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas with the kiddies

Christmas Eve- Devin in front of my parent's tree:
Devin & Georgie opening gifts Christmas morning:

Darth George:
Putting his Pokemon cards into his new binder:
Devin wearing the roving that I dyed for my friend. I thought I didn't have a picture ofit, but apparently I do! I can't wait to see what this looks like when it's spun up :-)


Gloria said...

There are pictures in the "finished projects" part of my blog, and on ravelry of the secret santa present, it's just such a pain to put pictures on my blog I didn't feel I really needed to feature that one...
you guys can come over when ever you want!

Stormy said...

So you can tell G that the strange lady that you were sending stuff to plays pokemon on her gameboy. I have somewhere around 300 pokemon. Just don't tell anybody else...(=