Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mitts: Done :-)

I changed my Blog template. Got sick of the pink. I like this better, but I wont have time to re-do my side-bar until next week.

Onto the knitting content.

I finished the fingerless mitts that will be paired with the cinchy hat. They're not blocked yet, but here ya go anyway:

So, the kids are in NH with my parents.... I miss them, but it sounds like they're having a great time. I've been sick the past few days, so I'm kinda greatful that I have the time to just come home form work (early) and sleep. I'm getting migraines again. Ugh. Hopefully it's just stress & will stop after the kids go back to school. I'll be going up to NH on Thursday with Gloria- may be stopping at WEBS on the way up!!!- then will head off to Martha's Vineyard on Sunday to visit my nephews. We'll stay there til Tuesday, then school starts on Wednesday. Busy week, but it's better than being at work!!

One more knitting progress pic, I picked back up the cropped cardi I'm making for Gloria. It's finally cool enough to work on it again. I actually JUST seamed up one arm, so all that's left is knitting the 2nd arm, adding the button and blocking it :-)

I'll be back next week, and will hopfully have a good picture of Devin & Georgie with my nephews. I can't believe Charlie will be ONE in October & I STILL don't have a good pic of all 4 kids together!!


Julianne said...

The mitts came out really well! It's a cute pattern.

Julianne said...

Oh, and I like the new color scheme! Have fun in NH!

Anonymous said...

Secret pal checking in again! I like the new template a lot. Your mitts are cute and I like how they ended up color coordinating with your new color scheme. Hope you get to stop at WEBS!

gloria said...

you need to post pictures of the the cropped sweater on the intended wearer (me!)! thank you so much, I can't wait till it gets cold enough (about 20 below!) to wear it!