Wednesday, August 15, 2007

BooBoo Face

I need to figure out how to use cool fonts here....


Devin fell off a swing at camp yesterday and banged up her chin, nose and forehead. Of course she put on her saddest little face for me to photograph this morning. What a Drama Queen!!! Here's my little BooBoo Face:

Doesn't she look pathetic in these? :-( I love her big brown eyes in the second picture though.
And that's about all that's new here.
As far as knitting goes, it's still too freaking hot to work on anything much. I got a new ribbon for the cinchy hat and have two washcloths made to give to Georgie's summer school teacher and reading teacher. I wasn't sure if I should give them a gift or not since it was only a 4-week session, but really, he's learned more in there 4-weeks than he did in ALL of Kindy!!! I'm just giving them each a knit washcloth with a bar of soap that my sister Juli made. Which means I'm down to just one bar of soap :-( And it smells so good stored in the container with my small finished projects. I'll need to get some more (hint, hint. Make it a super secret project Juli!!). I can't find my camera at the moment, but I'll take pix of the projects when it turns up. For now, it's too hot to be doing anything but laying in the air conditioned bedroom, so I'm off.

Oh, and I had a freaky dream inspired by that Zombie quiz a few posts ago!!! Ugh! It was so weird and scary! I can't even grasp the details any more other than to say it was very disturbing!


GI said...

Awww, poor kiddo.
My son's name is Devin ;o)

Conners said...

how is it that no matter how she doesn't smile...she's still a gorgeous lil girly...w/ a hurty chin apparently here. LUV hER!!!