Sunday, August 19, 2007

beachy goodness

We wanted to go sailing today, so the kids & I dropped George of at the boat & went to the beach to wait for his call saying he was on his way to the dock to pick us up.

Georgie played in the sand:

Devin made silly faces by the water:

They looked for *treasure* by the water:

They looked adorable walking down the edge of the water together:
And they played on the playground:
In the end it started to rain, so we didn't get on the boat. But we had fun, so it was ok.

And if you're wondering what that thing is on Devin's hand, it's a fingerless mitten. I was making a pair of mittens to gift & I had her try them on & she complained about every aspect of the mitten, this is too tight, that feels funny.... So I stopped where I was, bound off, tied some waste yarn to the thumb & put it aside. Devin picked it up, put it on & said *I love this!!! Can you make the other one for me tonight & leave it on my pillow while I'm sleeping?* What??? She said it felt different when it had the needles in it & she made a mistake when she said the ribbing was too tight. She's a nut!!! She's been wearing it all day though & even wore it to bed, so I think I may switch my original plan from mittens to fingless gloves since the giftee is Devin's age & I'm hoping she'll like them as much as Devin does!


kasiaiscarly said...

Such a small world that your sister lives in Hampton :-)

I haven't found my SP yet . . . losing faith. . now I can't remember which blogs I've visited and which I haven't :-)

Conners said...

k was reading and catching up when uknowwho was looking over my shoulder saying "look there's devin & georgie!" and she saw the pix of the mittens and said THEY ARE SO COOL!" so um...thinking she'd like em...yanno...if she's the "devin aged" girlie you refer to :) xoxo

gloria said...

Devin kinda has a michael Jackson thing going on there. You should have her wear the leg warmers at the same time!!