Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Not too much new

I really have nothing to say, but I give Gloria a hard time when she doesn't update her blog, so I figured I should update mine! The end of the school year is coming up.... Not quite sure how that happened! Next thing you know I'll have a 2nd & 3rd grader! Devin starts a new school next year, and the bus is an hour later than it is this year, so I'm not entirely sure how we're gunna work that one out. I've been busy knitting for my neice to be. Juli will be home this weekend for her shower, and it's a good thing, b/c I would like to move on to other spinning & knitting projects! I feel like as long as there is time before the shower that I HAVE to fill it knitting for the baby! There are two babies due to co-workers in Sept & November, so I have to knit for them too, but not as much as for my neice.

Onto the pix:
I finished the Hemlock Ring Blanket & gifted it to my friend Missy for her wedding. I hope she liked it.

Mr. Shaggy Head before getting his hair buzzed. I SO wish he would keep his hair shaggy, but her likes it all nice & short. What am I gunna do with this kid?? Devin at her 2nd grade class picnic yesterday. I took the day off to go with her :-) Georgie has his on Tuesday. And some new roving I got in the mail. It's Spunky Eclectic Fiber Club- 8oz. It asked to be something for me. Perhaps a shawl. We shall see....

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Julianne said...

How did you get your hemlock to block so nice? Mine looks like crap! I can't wait to see the kids!