Friday, November 16, 2007

sick and tired

Everyone is sick, and because of that I'm tired! Devin has "Bronchitis with a touch on Pnemonia" according to her Doctor. George FINALLY went to the Doctor thismorning & his lungs are pretty clear, but the doctor heard a little something, so he's on Abx just to be safe. Devin is on Abx too & after one day they're already messing with her tummy.

On the fiber front, I made a little something for my Secret Pal, but since she's used her Super Sluth Skillz & figured out who I am I can't post about it here :-P (Hi Stormy!!) I'll put it up after she gets the package, but I think it's pretty cool :-) I'm also still working on the Brea Bag, but had to rip out the gusset b/c I ran out of yarn, so I'm re-making it narrower & hopefully I'll have enough yarn! Then I'll take a trip to my Mom's house to go through her fabric stash to pick out fabric to line the bag with.

A guy that George knows through his work came over last night to give him some charts for the boat (waterway stuff) and he asked me if I would knit him a hat & mittens in exchange for the charts, so I'm off to the yarn store today to get some Cascade 220 superwash :-)

And that's that :-)

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