Friday, November 02, 2007

Sailing and fiber

I feel like it's been mostly Georgie pictures lately. Next time I'll have to post some more of Devin.

So, first, this is Georgie with a guitar he made out of rubber bands and plastic containers. He completely made this on his own, and even knew how to play it and make the rubber bands create different sounds. I don't care what he gets on his spelling and math tests, the kid's smart! Georgie and George steering to boat:
I don't know how clearly you can see it in this picture, but the water was ROUGH while we were out!
Some merino I dyed. I spun up a little sample on the drop spindle and it was quite lovely!!
It will be plied with this- a soysilk/wool blen in green blue & purple.

And that's it for now!
Juli is getting settled in Ohio. They found two houses they like & should have an offer put in on one soon, so I expect that we'll have Episode 4 of the podcast up soon. Gloria is even trying to get her computer set up so she can get in on it too

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