Thursday, June 15, 2006


Just an overview of what I'm working on...

The bracelets were given out at today's Daisy Meeting. So cute!! I got a LITTLE knitting done on the grenn bunny yesterday. I was too sleepy. It really shouldn't be a problem getting it done tomorrow. Unfortunately there will be no knitting tonight as I'm working until 9:30. Boo!! So what else is on the needles.... A blanket for my nephew-to-be. The pattern is from this book. It's the sailboat blanket. SOOO cute & super simple. A really fast knit & I can't wait to get back to it!! I must admit that I've never really been into knit baby blankets- I like quilts better- but the Shop on Blossom Street Knit Along booklet has a few that I would make. Definitely a good buy :-) Also is progress is the Irish Hiking Scarf. I started it b/c it looked simple & like a good way to learn cables. I was right- it was simple & a good way to learn cables, and really, it's a nice pattern & all... But I made it with some Red Heart Supersaver yarn that was *rescued* from my mother's basement. BLECH!!!! I hate that stuff!! I don't even like looking at it!! It's making it really hard to finish the scarf when I can't tolerate the yarn. It's such a pretty patern in a NICE yarn, but with this crap... not so much! Anyway. I can't bear to ditch it, so the scarf will get finished & put in a clothing drop box or something. Who know WHEN, but eventually. I never actually planned on finishing it. I was just gunna make a swatch to give the cable thing a try, but now I'm stuck with it. I think I'll have to make up for it by making another Irish Hiking Scarf in a nice yarn. I have a whole bunch of acrylic yarn that I don't like, but I figure if nothing else I can use it up making cat toys, or toys for my kids or something that I don't want to spend a lot of $$ on, right????? RIGHT???? Oh, and I'm working on a Fisherman Shrug for my sister, Gloria. Once again, I'm not a fan of the yarn, but she picked it out. And of course there are still washcloths in progress.

Things I want to make:
I got some hand dyed wool from The Fiber Studio in New Hampshire. I'll be making a felted bag with it. Not sure yet what pattern I'll be using. I got some beautiful hand dyed silk yarn there too... I whish I took a picture of it before making a ball b/c it was just so yummy in the hank!! The color is *Artichoke* & it's mostly purple & green with a bit of brown. That will be transformed into a scarf for Mom. I think it should be a shawl, but she wants a scarf. I may just have to do what *I* want to do with it regardless of what she wants!! And the final purchase there was purple & teal hand dyed cotton that I initially wanted to make washcloths with, but then I ran across the Rose of Sharon pattern & decided that my daughter MUST have that hat!! So those are the immediate projects that I want to make. I have binders of patterns & stacks of books of other things I want to make too... WAY too many to list.

Georgie has a B-day party for a little girl in his Day Care class coming up. I think we'll get her some dress up stuff & make her some *fancy* beaded jewlery to go with it. I just got a GC to Michael's from two of my Daisy's, so that will purchase me some beads & maybe some yarn if I can find anything I want. Why do they not have anything basic there??? I did get the cotton yarn for my nephew's blanket there & the yarn for the bunnies, but I can't seem to find anything else there that's basic & NOT acrylic!!! (Blech!!!)

And a little self reflection here:
I think I need to work on more challenging patterns. I feel like everything I make is so simple. I need to just give it a try & work on something more challenging. It just kills me so much to rip things out... I don't want to start something unless it's a project that I know I can make! Or that I can at least make look somewhat decent.

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