Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Bracelets & other randomness....

I finished the bracelets last night. Nothing fancy- they're for five & six-year-olds:I must say- it's much easier stringing little glass beads onto floppy stretchy cord when you're not drinking Baccardi Razz & Diet Coke!! LOL! They were super simple... it was just my love for Rum & Coke that made it take this long!! All that's left is to package them & write note cards to each girlie.

Another washcloth that I made:

My charting skills aren't so great. I didn't take into account that the squares on the graph paper wouldn't be the same shape as my stiches. It's a squat little star, but it's a happy star.... Oh well. Devin's class has named themselves the *Stars* so she's insisting that her teachers get star washcloths with their gifts. Her main teacher is Ms. Blanco, & Devin wanted her to get a white star washcloth. I found a nice lacey star pattern & totally messed it up, so I have to get more cotton & make a new one. The messed up one has gone to my mom (it really wasn't worth taking a picture of!!) and despite it's uglyness it still manages to get her clean. Who can ask for more? The reverse bloom washcloths that I've made so far were in Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille, but once I finish the one I'm making now I'm trying them with cotton. Unfortunately not the nice organic cotton that I made the star ones out of, but beggers can't be choosers! It will be nice enough.
And this is the bunny that I'm making a few more of:

It's the easiest bunny pattern in the world. That was my first attempt & I was apparetly distracted when I made him b/c I have no clue what I did to his ears!!! I've figured it out since & I promise it's much nicer! I think I've made 4 so far in all different yarns. They're a big hit with my kids!!

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