Monday, June 12, 2006

About time I got one of these....

So, I decided it was time I jumped on the blog bandwagon. I think my friends are beyond bored with hearing about my latest knitting projects... My kids they'll still listen to me about b/c really, they're my KIDS... But I think they're just done listening to me ramble about knitting!! I figure I would ramble on about things here & you would only wind up here if you were actually looking for something I was babbling about :-D Now if I could only figure out what I was doing.... I started with a few pix, b/c who doesn't love pix?? Those two cuties up there are my kids... I love them like crazy!!

This is my latest obsession- knit washcloths!! I'm making a bunch of the reverse bloom flower washcloths from Weekend Knitting

then I'm gifting them to the teachers with gift sets that Jayme is making me from Apple Pie Baby

That fantabulous quilt is a crayon quilt made by the girls in the Daisy Troop I lead. We're donating it to Project Linus. Thanks to Mom for doing most of the sewing!!

OK, I think that's it for my first post :-) Time to tuck the kids into bed then get moving on making beaded bracelets for my Daisies (need to make 6 more by Thursday) and two more knit bunnies for my cousin's baby shower this weekend.

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