Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I *heart* swaps

So, I participated in a Secret Pal swap and it didn't go so well, so I was kinda turned off to swaps.... Then Meghan from the Stitch It podcast had a "Little Critter Swap" and I decided- what the heck? and joined. It was fun! And I had a great swap partner that not only sent ME a little critter, but also thought of my KIDS! WooHoo!!! Of course I haven't mailed out MY package yet, but I have until tomorrow, so I'm not breaking the rules yet!!! I'll be in the ofice tomorrow & I work next to the Post Office, so I'm mailing it tomorrow :-)

This is the package I received in the mail:

Next, I joined the HHHH swap- it's a swap for spinners, becuase there's NO WAY another spinner is gunna screw me, right? Right! B/c my partner already contacted me!! Yeah!!! Definitely have a good feeling about this one :-) I'm a little nervous about spinning for someone else b/c I don't have mad spinning skillz, but I think it's gunna be fun!

So, HHHH Swap Partner.... I can't reply to the comment you left on my last post b/c it's Annon, so to answer you questions- If given the option I would pick an art yarn b/c I covet art yarns & don't know how to spin them, nor can I afford them when I'm trolling Etsy! LOL! As for the silk.... Would it be dyed by you? If so then I would definitely prefer dyed, otherwise it doesn't matter.
And speaking of spinning... here are my two latest skeins:
This is the June Club fiber for Spunky Eclectic, called Flowering Weeds and it's a Merino Mohair blend. this is about 1.5oz and I got 159 yards of a thick & thin single. I have another bobin of a more even single & another 3oz waiting to be spun:

This is also a Spunky fiber- Superwash Merino/Tencel in Mermaid. It was a test skein- approx 93 yards fingering weight navajo plyed. I still have the majority of the fiber left to spin & I'm hoping to get enough for socks or a lacey scarf.


bockstark.knits said...

Oh good, glad to know that everything is going so well, I feel like you guys are my "children". Swaps are supposed to be fun, but I've read lots and lots of horror stories. The HHHH was bigger than I expected (almost 100 people), so I'll try to be the best hostess as possible!

Anonymous said...

off to contemplate what colors to dye this silk for you!!

Anonymous said...

Just wondering what happened to the podcast... Hope you're not podfading.