Saturday, May 17, 2008

Me & My BFF

Did I mention that I'm totally BFF with the Yarn Harlot? We met at Rhinebeck last year... she was TOTALLY following me around.... Every time I turned around, there she was! Then I went to Webs, and what do you know, she planned a trip out the Mass on the weekend I was going. She couldn't keep her hands off my sock. I bet she's gunna follow me to Rhinebeck next year too....
Onto the pix:
Here we are talking about the salking incident at Rhinebeck. I told her I was a little worried at first when I kept seeing her every where I went, but it's OK, I know she's not creepy or anything .

Then I let her sign my book, b/c you know, she's into that kinda thing. Makes her feel important.

And with my River Rapids sock that I made for my co-worker, Eleni. Eleni wasn't nearly as impressed as I thought she should be when I told her that Stephanie Peal-McPhee liked the colors of the yarn. She's a non-knitter, so I was able to forgive her on this. Mom & Gloria in the theater before the talk. Mom brought some sewing that it was too dark to do & Gloria brought the baby blanket. I was working on my socks. And Stephanie on stage. We were in the first row of the balcony. At first we sat on the main level, but it was too dark to knit down there, so we moved to the balcony where the light was better & we didn't have anyone's heads in front of us.

Juli said we should have told her that we do a podcast, since she tends to put the podcasters that see her on her blog, but with only 6 podcasts recorded & the last one like 2 months ago I'm sure she wouldn't have cared! LOL! There is a picture of Mom's arm on the blog.... The people in front of us brought a stack of dishcloths to show Stephanie. And if you use your immagination you can picture us in the first row of the balcony, just slightly right of center, in the crowd shots.

Oh, and just so no one thinks I'm a wacked out stalker, I'm completely aware that we're not BFF ;-) But I do suspect she wants to be..... LOL!

ETA: I forgot to say- the talk was great! So funny! And I keep quoting things she said to my co-workers and friends that I'm trying to convert to knitters. I'm also quoting her in trying to make a case for teaching our clients to knit! I did teach one to crochet... No small feat being that I don't crochet....

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Julianne said...

Wow, that's creepy! You should think of getting a restraining order out against her. (Or she may need one for you!)