Sunday, January 20, 2008

Green Dress Goal

Not too much has been going on here..... Small progress here and there. I did the short row heel on G's sock, he tried it on & it had this odd spike kinda thing poking out of the heel. Ya, so I did too many decreases. I ripped the entire heel out & decided I'm doing a heel flap and he will just have to be happy that he's getting socks at all! LOL! I want to try to have them finished by his birthday- Feb 11th. I think I can do it. (I hope). I also cast on for Wicked, and did the collar, but nothing else so far. I got the yarn for the Hemlock Ring blanket, but haven't wound it or cast on yet. I got a bit of spinning done yesterday. A friend and I went to her friends house and did a spinning day :-) I haven't spun in a while, so that was nice.

I decided last weekend that it's time to take all this weight off that I put back on after working so hard to take it off in the first place. I did really well on Weight Watchers, so I'm back on it as of this past Monday. I'm doing really well so far & have already lost a few pounds :-) Yeah! I have a few weddings coming up (one in May & one in June) and I have this awesome green strapless dress that I want to wear to one of them, but I would have to take off a significant amount of weight to fit into it again. I'm not sure exactly how much I would need to loose, but if I remember my weight correctly from when I fit into the dress it would be around 30 pounds that I need to take off. I think 30 pounds in 5 months is a realistic goal... that would be what? 6 pounds a month? About a pound and a half a week? I think I can do it! So, for motivation, this is me in the dress in October 2005:

Looking at this picture though, I think I may have to take off more than 30-pounds- Yikes! I'll be starting to exercise this week too though, so hopefully that will help me lose inches as well as weight & get me to the *green dress goal* quicker! As an aside- my hair is so short there compared to how it is now!!

I haven't taken any pix yet of Wicked, so I'll try to take some & get them up next post. And I also made a bunch of stich markers this morning, so I'll take pix of some of them later too. I actually ran out of jump rings, otherwise I would have made more. Time for a trip to the craft store!

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Angie said...

I just wanted you to know that I just discovered your podcast and love it. I've bookmarked all of your blogs. I look forward to your next podcast!