Monday, June 25, 2007

Yarney Goodness

I dyed yarn this weekend :-) Here are the two color ways:
This one is really girlie, but I'm not sure if it will self stripe the way I intended it to, since I don't think I made the hank long enough:

And this one will definitely self stripe. It's destined to become a pair of leg warmers for Devin, since she can't stand the feel of the SWS leg warmers I made her over the winter. These colors remind me of Strawberry Shortcake!

Baby t-shirts I dyed and stamped for Daniella's shower this weekend. I know the stamps are crooked, it gives the shirts character, ok?

And the shirts opened up so you can see the colors better:

And that's all from me for now. Time to get the sewing machine out of the basement so I can get the quilt finished in time for the shower!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

More crafty stuff

I dyed some cotton yarn in yellow & brown. This is what it looked like after it dried:
And in a cute little skein:

Which I then re-skeined to see what the colors would look like mixed together:

George wearing one of the shirts I made him Father's Day (Doesn't he look like he LOVES it??? LOL!)

And Georgie's black eye, obtained in a struggle over a water gun with his cousin yesterday:

More to follow eventually. I've got tons of pix of the kids, but they'll most likely come through Snapfish!

Sunday, June 10, 2007


A few pix :-) Cause really, that's all you're here for anyway :-P

Here's the Baby Belaro jacket from the One Skein book. This thing took me TWO DAYS to knit!!!! WooHoo!!!! I CAN make sweaters, I really CAN!!!

And the back. Not quite sure what's up with those two little holes at the edging. They're from the neckline shaping, which quite honestly I don't think was all that necessary on the back.

I tried this on one of Devin's Cabage Patch Kids & it was a little big, so if this is an average sized baby it should fit nice :-) Mom thinks it's silly to make a sweater for a baby due in August, but August & September evenings can get chilly, and it's made of cotton, not wool!!

And what will eventually be a quilt top:

I had such a hard time picking out fabrics for this. There were so many cool fabrics I liked & so many ideas I had, but I finally went with this b/c I would like all the stuff I give Daniella at the shower to coordinate & kinda look like they belong together. I hope she likes her basket of home made goodies that she'll be getting!

And I was shown a positive pregnancy test today that another friend took, so I'll have more baby knitting in my future :-) I'll probably make her pick out exactly what she wants so I know that she'll love it!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Random Bitches....

Last night G starts sniffing around the house going *what's that smell? It smells nasty*. I tell him I burnt some rice in veggie broth, which smelled pretty bad, so that was probably what he was smelling. We didn't think much more of it.... all the windows were open, then he went out & got some pretty strong smelling Chinese food, then it started to smell REALLY bad. Turns out a pipe in the basement rusted through & water from the cesspool was running into the basement. Now, we JUST had the freakin thing pumped a few weeks ago & the only way that it could be backing up into the house from this pipe is if that pool is FULL again. Obviosly when when we had it pumped they didn't really pump it all the way. We've gone nearly ten years w/o having it pumped, you can't tell me it filled back up in a matter of weeks! George patched up the leak with some duct tape (that stuff really IS good for everything! LOL!) and someone is coming to pump the tank for real today. Then G will have to figure out how to fix the pipe. Yuck. Everything in the basement has to be trashed too :-( All sorts of kids toys & stuff that I've been holding onto that he's been wanting to throw out for the past few years....

Onto the knitting.... School is over in two weeks, so that means teacher knitting is upon us! I was planning on making Georgie's teacher a shawl since she's retireing this year, but after contributing to the class gift & making her a scrapbook page & everything, I decided to go with something smaller. She used Butterflies as a theme that she carried through the year, so I decided to give her several butterfly knit washcloths along with some bath stuff. Usually I order soap from Apple Pie Baby, but this year I waited too long & I don't think I would get them in time, so I'll probably go to Bath & Body Works. I'm making washcloths for all the teachers, but Georgie's is getting more than the others. I have the two teachers, two speech therapist & the day care teachers to give gifts for. I just discovered the Ball Band cloth & I LOVE it!!! They go super quick & I really like to look of the textures and colors :-) I'm thinking about just getting a basket for Day Care full of goodies for them to share since there are so many people involved....

I spun a little skein of yarn out of the roving I got a few weeks ago. The colors look great in the yarn & I can't wait to knit it into something :-) I want to get the rest of it spun up though before I decide what to make so I know exactly what my yardage is. I think I'm keeping it as a single instead of plying it, so hopefully I'll have enough for a lacey scarf. Juli's shawl is kinda at a stand still til I get the teacher stuff finished, and so is Gloria's sweater. I'll have pictures of everything to post later.

A friend of mine is pregnant, so I would like to make her a blanket. I'm thinking Shine from Knit Picks & a simple lace pattern with a ruffle edgeing, then I want to back it with fabric. She's due in August, so hopefully I can get the yarn ordered soon. I did already get some yarn to make baby washcloths and a sweater from the one-skein book. I would love to dye and stamp some onesies for her too... there are so many projects I want to make & so little time!! I really have to prioritize everything, then focus on one or two things at a time. I know I wont get to everything, but there are so many things I WANT to do!!!!