Sunday, June 10, 2007


A few pix :-) Cause really, that's all you're here for anyway :-P

Here's the Baby Belaro jacket from the One Skein book. This thing took me TWO DAYS to knit!!!! WooHoo!!!! I CAN make sweaters, I really CAN!!!

And the back. Not quite sure what's up with those two little holes at the edging. They're from the neckline shaping, which quite honestly I don't think was all that necessary on the back.

I tried this on one of Devin's Cabage Patch Kids & it was a little big, so if this is an average sized baby it should fit nice :-) Mom thinks it's silly to make a sweater for a baby due in August, but August & September evenings can get chilly, and it's made of cotton, not wool!!

And what will eventually be a quilt top:

I had such a hard time picking out fabrics for this. There were so many cool fabrics I liked & so many ideas I had, but I finally went with this b/c I would like all the stuff I give Daniella at the shower to coordinate & kinda look like they belong together. I hope she likes her basket of home made goodies that she'll be getting!

And I was shown a positive pregnancy test today that another friend took, so I'll have more baby knitting in my future :-) I'll probably make her pick out exactly what she wants so I know that she'll love it!!

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