Monday, March 26, 2007

Ice Cream anyone?

What's under the blanket??

This is what happens when you tell Georgie he can not get ice cream from the Ice Cream Man until after he eats his lunch.

Does it make me a mean Mommy to document this?

Knitting 101

Welcome to Knitting 101 with your host, Devin Link. In this epiode Devin explains the knit stich while Georgie complains about what's on TV.

Please excuse our hostesses posture in this video, she was running a 102 fever & just wasn't up to sitting upright.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Prison Hat

I was working on a hat for my 5-month old nephew... Well, actually, I was working on a hat for George, and I didn't do a gauge swatch or anything. When I realized that I cast on WAY too few stiches (I knew this after maybe 5 rows of knitting) I figured I would jut make a tiny hat for my nephew. It was gunna get a pom pom on top & some kind of pattern all around. I finished the basic part of the hat yesterday & Georgie IMMEDIATELY decided it was HIS hat. There was no telling him otherwise. It looks like a prion hat. I keep expecting him to pull out a prison shank like the kid in Taledega Nights (If you haven't seen it yet- go rent it!!) Here's the boy in the hat:

He has Grammy's spaghetti sauce all over his face.

And Dr. Buli..... UPDATE YOUR BLOG!!!!!! What's your excuse now? You defended, shouldn't you have free time to knit now??? Have you tried lace weight yarn again yet? I cast on for a lace weight scarf this morning. Georgie has a tummy bug so I'm home til 2:00, when George takes over. I would MUCH rather stay home & knit than go in to work this afternoon :-(

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Fun with Bubbles...

So yesterday, St. Patty's Day, the dishwasher was all loaded up, the kids & I made Irish Soda Bread, and there were dishes all over the counter. So I decide to run the dishwasher so I can then re-load it with the stuff in the sink. I pour the soap in, turn it on & walk away. A little while later I walk back in & see SUDS all over the place. I thought it was something that only happens in the movies, but apparently if you put SINK dishsoap into the dishwasher it really will overflow with suds.

I started cleaning it up, but then I decided I should document it. Although George didn't see the humor at the time I knew he would EVENTUALLY laugh at it. The sad thing is that I hadn't even been drinking when I messed up with the soap, I jut wasn't paying attention.

So I stop the cycle, let the bubbles pop, then turn it back on with towels on the floor. This went on for some time.... There was quite a pile of wet towels in the bathroom in no time at all...

This is what the inside looked like:

The kids thought it was great from the beginning:

And even better was that Uncle Chris encouraged them to play in the suds!!!

Then George came up with the brilliant idea of putting a bowl there to catch the water & suds. I knew I married that man for a reason :-)

And just as I had hoped, George did find it pretty funny this morning :-D

Testing out videos

I've decided it's finally time for me to learn how to do things on line, so let's see if see if I can post a video:

That SHOULD be a video of Georgie taking about the puppy stuffed animal he got from Devin when he was born.

And below SHOULD be a video of Devin talking about her Winnie the Pooh:

Hopefully this works :-)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Now go make you own ;-) If you have to type in who referred you I'm valink0925