Monday, March 19, 2007

Prison Hat

I was working on a hat for my 5-month old nephew... Well, actually, I was working on a hat for George, and I didn't do a gauge swatch or anything. When I realized that I cast on WAY too few stiches (I knew this after maybe 5 rows of knitting) I figured I would jut make a tiny hat for my nephew. It was gunna get a pom pom on top & some kind of pattern all around. I finished the basic part of the hat yesterday & Georgie IMMEDIATELY decided it was HIS hat. There was no telling him otherwise. It looks like a prion hat. I keep expecting him to pull out a prison shank like the kid in Taledega Nights (If you haven't seen it yet- go rent it!!) Here's the boy in the hat:

He has Grammy's spaghetti sauce all over his face.

And Dr. Buli..... UPDATE YOUR BLOG!!!!!! What's your excuse now? You defended, shouldn't you have free time to knit now??? Have you tried lace weight yarn again yet? I cast on for a lace weight scarf this morning. Georgie has a tummy bug so I'm home til 2:00, when George takes over. I would MUCH rather stay home & knit than go in to work this afternoon :-(

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