Sunday, March 18, 2007

Fun with Bubbles...

So yesterday, St. Patty's Day, the dishwasher was all loaded up, the kids & I made Irish Soda Bread, and there were dishes all over the counter. So I decide to run the dishwasher so I can then re-load it with the stuff in the sink. I pour the soap in, turn it on & walk away. A little while later I walk back in & see SUDS all over the place. I thought it was something that only happens in the movies, but apparently if you put SINK dishsoap into the dishwasher it really will overflow with suds.

I started cleaning it up, but then I decided I should document it. Although George didn't see the humor at the time I knew he would EVENTUALLY laugh at it. The sad thing is that I hadn't even been drinking when I messed up with the soap, I jut wasn't paying attention.

So I stop the cycle, let the bubbles pop, then turn it back on with towels on the floor. This went on for some time.... There was quite a pile of wet towels in the bathroom in no time at all...

This is what the inside looked like:

The kids thought it was great from the beginning:

And even better was that Uncle Chris encouraged them to play in the suds!!!

Then George came up with the brilliant idea of putting a bowl there to catch the water & suds. I knew I married that man for a reason :-)

And just as I had hoped, George did find it pretty funny this morning :-D

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