Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Oh, ya, I have a blog!

Ya, I never post anymore, huh?

So, George and I celebrated our TENTH wedding anniversary on 9/25/08. We decided ten years was a pretty big deal, so we went to NH and spent a week at the cabin on the lake. It was SOOOO nice. We slept as late as we wanted to, did whatever we felt like doing. Took roads that we had no clue where they led. We had a good time :-) It rained for the last few days we were there, but that's fine. We had time on the lake and on the mountian before the rain hit. I had to admit though- I missed the kids like crazy & talked to them every day!!

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Gloria said...

God, I blog more than you do!
you could have met him if you didn't cancel plans with us!!!!