Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sweater: DONE :-)

I finished the February Baby Sweater for my co-workers daughter. It's modeled here by Devin's My Twin doll. The baby it was made for is currently weighing in at slightly over 3 pounds, so it will be a little while before she actually fits into it.

I went with just three buttons on the top instead of doing them all the way down the front. I like the way it looks kinda open & swingey

And just for fun- my handspun and fiber stash. After taking the pic I realized that I had left things out, but this is most of it. I hardly have any fiber!!!!! Must. Buy. More.


bockstark.knits said...

oh how cute is that sweater???!!! and yes, fiber stash doesn't actually count as stash, does it? ;)

Anonymous said...

that is a great sweater! And so lovely of you to make it and a quilt for your coworker :)

I am done with the spinning, and am now plying! Coil yarns take a long time to ply! I might have to send two skeins, I don't think I will be able to get all four plied ounces onto my bobbin. It's fun, and I am in love with the color, I might have to spin up the rest for a hat. I'll be soaking the silk today to dye it tomorrow ;)

<3 Your HHHH pal!