Friday, March 21, 2008

Bad Blogger (again!)

I've been such a bad blogger! I don't update nearly enough.... But really, who out there is reading this anyway?
So, what's new in my world? I'm working on some super-secret projects that will be revealed in a few weeks. For those of you on Ravelry, they're in my Notebook. I can't wait to finish what I'm working on so I can get back to some things that were put on hold... Like Wicked,
George's socks
and my Jaywalkers. Plus, I have Baby Knitting to do that I haven't even come up with a plan for yet!! I told Juli that I plan on tie dying for her baby more than I plan on knitting, but the three other babies that are expected to arrive around the same time as hers may not be the tie-dye wearing kind of kids, so I plan on knitting something for them. They're due in August, September & October, so I think a hat/sweater/bootie set would be appropriate for them. I really don't want to start anything til I know the sex of the babies, so I have a few weeks before I can get started.
One final picture. Georgie's class made Leprechaun traps that they brought into class on St. Patrick's Day. Apparently there was a Leprechaun causing all sorts of mischief around the school & they were gunna try to catch it. George & Georgie spent HOURS in the garage making this thing! That's gold dangeling down inside the box on a wire. The wire is attached to a pin that goes through an eye-hook. When the Leprechaun pulls on the gold, it pulls the pin out of the hook and the door of the trap slams shut. He was SOOOOO proud of this thing! He didn't catch the Leprechaun, nasty little bugger left him a note saying "Haha, you can't get me!" LOL!

Oh, and in other exciting news, I'll be going to see the Yarn Harlot at WEBS next month with Gloria & my Mom!! Yeah!!! I cant' wait :-)


pigbook1 said...

I do! I read! I love the jaywalkers

Stormy said...

And you think *I* would stop reading? I still haven't used up all the yarn you sent me and the kitty sleeps on my daughters bed. (= Feel better.

Julianne said...

Some of us who live far, far away rely on this blog for pictures of their niece and nephew!! We demand more posts!

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