Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Long Weekend

I took a long weekend to go see Juli graduate. Yeah! The best part was when I was in the bathroom at the graduation with the kids & I told them to hurry up b/c I didn't want to miss Aunt Juli get called up to get her fake diploma, and some woman said all snotty *They don't do that at this school* and I got to say *For the PhD graduates they do* Hahahaha!!! This is the best picture I have of the actual ceremony, taken by Devin:

Apparently this was taken when Juli was up on the stage, but I can neither confirm nor deny that.

The kids got pretty restless, so we went outside to play while we were waiting for the cermony to end. Georgie found the PERFECT climbing tree. Can you find him in it?

My parents were less than thrilled that I let him climg so high up. There were tons of branches to slow him down if he fell, so he would have survived a fall!! Anyway, trees like that were made for climbing!

This is a picture of me, Juli & Gloria with Devin & Georgie:

And Juli with her hubby Josh, who got home from Iraq about a week before the graduation. Yeah! He sent me home with some yummy mead that G & I had last night. I must get more. It was good.

This is what I was planning on giving Juli for a graduation gift (yes, Juli, it's a mustard yellow, not green!!) but it didn't get finished on time. So I gave it to her then took it back to finish. It will be a shawl when it grows up & she can wear it to geeky Dr. Scientist things. I made two pretty bis mistakes, but I'm not sure how to go back & fix them. Oops. There's a missing Yarn Over in one spot in the lace pattern & one of the bars in the double helix is knit when it should have ben purled, so the bar part is only one row thick in that spot instead of two. I did get a mini skein of yarn spun that I forgot to take a picture of that I gave her for her B-day, which was the day before graduation, so I felt like I got something accomplished.

The yarn is a Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk & it's SUPER soft.

Now I'm on a kick that I MUST get a spinning wheel b/c the drop spindle just isn't fast enough. And it doesn't hold very much yarn before it starts spinning all lopsided. I think I'll get a bottom whirl spindle & see if it's any better- one of those navajo spindles I think it's called, when you wrap it into a center pull ball as you spin- to hold me over til I can afford a wheel. George will be SO pissed if I get a wheel, so I need one I can fit in the closet when I'm not using it. I had to miss the NH fiber festival b/c I was taking an exam that weekend, so I think I'll have to wait til Reinbeck to check out wheels. At least I can research on the internet in the mean time.

Onto kid news. Georgie got the *official* ADHD diagnosis yesterday from the Neurologist. He started Adderall today, which was a REALLY difficult decision for me to make. I really don't want to medicate him, but I encourage my clients to take their meds b/c they have chemical imbalances in their brains that they need their meds to counter act. Of course with my clients they hear voices and talk to themselves when they don't take meds, Georgie only acts like a maniac. Bottom line is that I don't want to send him into first grade next year getting frustrated b/c he can't pay attention to the teacher when he sees a leaf blowing on a tree outside, or hears someone walking down the hall or whatever, so we're trying the meds for a bit & seeing how it works. He came home & said he did better in school today & was able to pay attention better. then he asked to take some more. Uhoh.... It IS a controlled substance....

Good kid news: I spoke with both of the speech teachers today & both kids are screened out of speech therapy for next year! Yeah!! Lil G still has a lot of articulation errors, but they're age appropriate, so he'll be re-screened mid way through 1st grade, when the sounds should be emerging, to make sure he's still on track. Devin's therapist said she has made great progress & has all the appropriate sounds emerging, even with a gaping hole in the front of her mouth. She'll get re-screened after her teeth grow back in.

And I think that's all the news I have for now :-)

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