Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I'm Back :-)

I'm Back!!! Got a new computer & now I can get onto Blogger again :-) WooHoo!!!

So here's what's going on in my life at this moment:

I got woken up this morning to Devin & Georgie runnng through my bedroom to get to the bathroom (WHY couldn't they use the door in the hallway??? I'm sure it was b/c that would not have woken me up! LMFAO!!) then I heard Georgie puking and Devin going *Don't flush, we need to see if you're REALLY throwing up so Mom knows if you have to stay home from school!!* Where does she get this stuff from?? LOL! So I'm home with Mr. Pukey for a bit til George gets home from whatever he had to do this morning, then I'm going into work when he gets back. Devin CAN'T get this bug right now- she's supposed to have surgery on her eye on Friday- which she got medical clearance for after having to get a chest x-ray & put on Rx caugh meds- but the Doc said any sign of a fever or getting any sicker than she is now & he doesn't want her going through with it.

In other news: MY doc pissed me off on Monday & I basically told them to F off & that I would find another Doc, so here I am, sick for what seems like an eternity with no meds :-( Devin is seeing the ENT tonight (STILL has stuff coming out of her ears) who is also MY ENT, so maybe he'll give me some antibiotics so I can kick this sinus infection.

Hmm..... what else??? I'm making the cutest little baby sweater for my nephew, Charlie. I'm SO close to being finished! I think I have 10 more rows to knit :-) Then I'll make his big brother, Alex, a pair of mitten & a hat & hopefully have it all shipped out to Martha's Vineyard while it's still cold enough to get some use :-) George's birthday is Feb 11th. I'm not sure what to get him yet. I would LIKE to knit him a pair of fingerless gloves that he's been asking for since I first leared to knit, but there's no way they'll be finished in time. Also, Devin's B-day is Feb 16th, so I have to figure out what to get her & book her party. The kids take turns having parties, this is her year. She wants it either at Build a Bear or Wood Kingdom.

And that's that. I think I'll get in the shower now so I can just leave & go to work when G gets home.

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