Wednesday, August 06, 2008

More swapping

So since I finished the HHHH Swap, what's a girl to do? Join another swap of course! I'm doing another swap with a group on Ravelry, so I get to fiber shop all over again. I'll suffer through it :-) My HHHH package arrived in Vegas & was received by the person I was spoiling. She said she liked everything, so I'm happy about that! Of course I forgot to take pix of what I sent before I sent it out. Oh well. I DID however remember to take a few pix in Ohio, so here ya go!

Monkey Boy @ the playground:

Devin could NOT have her little brother climb to the top without her doing it too:
How cute is he in that hat?
And Missy Poo was trying out some new hair styles. I made the earings she's wearing in this picture using beads from a neclace that used to be my Grandma's. She also has a bracelet & necklace with the same beads:
And Juli with her Baby Belly. I know she said pix of her pregnant should be banned from the internet, but this is what I have to say to that: Tough Shit! LOL! Hey, if you didn't want a picture of you pegnant in your PJs on my Blog then why did you pose for it???
Notice the sheep on her night shirt? I have the same jammies :-) And the kids are pointing to her belly, incase you weren't sure where you should be looking!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I'm a Hooker!!!

OK, so the kids & I went to visit Juli in Ohio for a few days, where my wheel was hi-jacked by Ms. Pregnant Pants. Juli used the ugly green stuff to practice spinning:
Then spun up some nice 2-ply corriedale (like her shirt? I tie-dyed it :-) I think I made a coordinating onesie for Kaylee too!!): In Ohio I got some cotton & a crochet hook, purchased a pattern on line & started a market bag. Juli made me a few of these bags, but I don't have enough for an entire grocery shopping trip, so I decided that I'll make myself a few more. I haven't crocheted anything in YEARS!
And for my most recent spinning- here's 4oz of Girley Girl Batt spun into a 2-ply for Devin, and the other 4oz batt waiting to be spun:
And just for kicks, proof that my children CAN get along sometimes! Even if it is while they're playing video games!