Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Spinning video

So, Juli & I made a video this morning, filmed by Devin :-) It's for the HHHH swap, and it's a contest to win 4oz of BEAUTIFUL fiber. You earn points for certain things, so we tried to put together as many points as we could! Here's the video:

Hopefully that works! Juli would like it pointed out that she is 34 weeks pregnant. She thinks she looks aweful, but she just looks pregnant! We're actually going to the Doc this afternoon to take a peek inside that belly. The kids and I are excited to take a look at little Kaylee B before she's born!

Also, to give credit where credit is due, the fiber I'm spinning is from Material Whirled and is a Roving Cluster. Basically it's strips of different colored fiber that I tore in helf then stripped into quarters. I then put them in a big bag that was behind my back while I spun the single. I reached back when I finished one strip and randomly grabbed another color to spin. Not sure what I'll do with the yarn when it's all spun up. Perhaps a give away if we ever podcast again?? The Hippie Goddess yarn is also from Material Whirled and was a batt. YUMMY to spin!! Seriously, my favorite yarn that I've spun! Also in the stash basket was some fiber from My Favorite Thing Etsy shop which is Meghan from the Stitch It! Podcast. The fiber Juli was spinning was purchased at a random craft fair or something when she lived in Virginia, she doesn't even know what kind of fiber it is. And the fiber for my hat was purchased from a random vendor at Rhinebeck two years ago.

And I think that's all the info you need.

Happy knitting & Spinning :-)

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Donna said...

Great video!