Saturday, July 08, 2006

New Hampshire

I just wanted to share a few pictures from New Hampshire:

Georgie on the boat. The house in the background is the one next to my parents. You can't even see theirs from the lake b/c it's set back.

The four of us on top of Pitcher Mountain. Some nice lady offered to take our picture :-)

Devin & Georgie on Pitcher Mountain:

And Devin, my little nature girl, posing with a frog on a tree stump:

And I finished the buttonhole bag for my Aunt:

I must admit that I love it & will be making one for myself, but I think with more stripes.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Stash Enhancement

So, this weekend I went up to Martha's Vineyard to pick Devin up from my sister-in-law's. She had a good time, but I think she was happy to see her Mama after 5 days :-D I was happy to see her too!! I think she got taller & definitely got tanner & blonder while she was away! Then we went straight up to New Hampshire & met my parents up there, then George joined us & my parents went home. Before George got there, Mom & I went SHOPPING!! These are the most recent additions to my yarn stash:

That's from the Fiber Studio. I got the purple cotton to make Devin the Rose of Sharon hat & purse (decided to other cotton I had is too thick), a kit to make a scarf & some new circular needles.

That's from a shop in Keene called the Knitting Nook (At least I think that's what it's called!!). Even Georgie can't resist the allure of the yarn!!! I got Lambs Pride Worsted & Cascade 220, which I've already started knitting into a bag for my Aunt's B-day :-)

And finally, from The Wool Room (it's literally a room in this old couples house!!!) I got the Magic Loop booklet, two balls of wool from a local-ish farm- I think it's in Vermont- and a itsy bitsy skein of wool that was made by local High School students. No clue what I'll make with it, but I couldn't resist!

I took a whole bunch of pictures of the kids over the weekend- we climbed to the watch tower on Pitcher Mountain & went on boat rides- so as soon as I'm done re-sizing them they will be up too.